Serviced Offices

The concept of serviced office space has been around since the early 1980s and whilst there is nothing new about the offering the demand for this alternative to conventional leases is far more in tune with the needs of modern businesses particularly given the need for fixed costs and more flexibility.

Serviced offices appeals to a far wider and more diverse range of businesses than ever before and the success of the model has meant a dramatic increase in the number of operators across the UK. Now you can find a serviced office in almost every major town across the UK which was certainly not the case even 10 years ago.

City Skyline offers a professional environment in all its centres which come fully furnished with high speed internet and telephone connectivity.

Our agreements are from just three months and at a fixed monthly cost with no up-front investment it makes the serviced office solution ideal for start-ups with cash flow concerns, SMEs with ambitious growth plans, or even a corporate with short term overflow or expansion needs.